updated 26 november 1999



Walden Supermax


WALDEN SUPERMAX, a new high-tech federal prison to be built near the northeastern California town of Mineral (Lat: 121.59326 W, Lon: 40.34860 N),will house its prison population in a mixed security environment: supermax, maximum, medium and minimum security. In response to a court order mandating that WALDEN SUPERMAX provide educational opportunities, vocational training and an alternative to conventional prison "industries", an innovative program jointly funded by the Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP)and National Park Service (NPS) calls for the correctional facility to´┐Żbe sited within Lassen Volcanic National Park, a 106,000 acre (43048.3 hectares) tract, where select inmates will provide assistance in the management of the park's distinctive wildlife and geological resources.

Biological conservation management activities will involve surveys, inventories, and monitoring of migratory and native species that inhabit Lassen's varied ecosystems -- forest, meadow, volcanic and geothermal ecosystems -- species that include a variety of insects, birds, mammals, fish, reptiles, amphibians, and plants.

"Lassen Park is a volcanic wonderland with bubbling mudpots, steaming fumaroles, boiling springs, towering forests, flowering meadows, streams, lakes, and waterfalls."

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