updated 26 november 1999


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Assignment 1
Issue date:

8 September 1999

Ways of looking, seeing, knowing:
Darwin and Thoreau survey Nature and the nature of prison

Pinup date: 2PM, Monday, 13 September 1999

Assignment 2
Issue date:
13 September 1999

Panopticon: from surveys of Nature to technologies of surveillance
Pinup date: 2PM, Thursday, 16 September 1999

Assignment 3
Issue date:
17 September 1999

Studio is re-scheduled for 2 PM, Saturday, 18 September 1999
Neo-Panopticon: new-technologies in the surveillance landscape
Pinup date: 2PM, Thursday, 23 September 1999
(revised due´ date: 2PM, Monday, 27 September)

Assignment 4
Issue date:
27 September 1999

SITE "X": X-texts
Pinup date: 2PM, Wednesday, 29 September 1999


Assignment 5
Issue date:
29 September 1999

SITE "X": species in the surveillance landscape
Pinup date: 2PM, Monday, 4 October 1999

Issue date:
04 October 1999

Lassen Volcanic National Park Mineral, California


Assignment 6
Issue date:
04 October 1999

WALDEN SUPERMAX: Homo sapiens joins the species in the surveillance landscape
Pinup date: 2PM, Wedneday, 6 October 1999
description / program

Assignment 7
Issue date:
06 October 1999

WALDEN SUPERMAX: Lassen Volcanic National Park
: biology study group, geology study group, homo sapiens interventions study group
Presentation: Wednesday, 13 October, 2PM

Natsios away:
Wednesday 20 October Thursday 21 October

studio rescheduled:
Saturday 16 October 3PM / Sunday 24 October 3PM

WALDEN SUPERMAX Preliminary Review Pinup: Monday, 25 October, 2PM


Presentation Requirements:
1 process drawings & models showing development of siting strategy and implementation. show relationship to site biology and geology.
2 preliminary plans reflecting distribution of all program elements.
study models exploring ideas about building materials / structural technologies. show relationship to site biology and geology.
3 preliminary geothermal energy development

Field Trip
Rikers Island Jails

Wednesday, 27 October, 10am-1pm
( 9am: leave Parsons by van)

Mid-Review Pinup: Thursday, 11 November, 2PM

Presentation Requirements (issued 29 October, 5AM):
1 site strategy diagrams (show relationship to site features: biological, geological, social / other) .
2 1/16"=1'-0" model of prison, showing relevant details of local site (indicate building materials / structural technologies) 
3 1/16"=1'-0" building plans, reflecting distribution of program elements .
4 1/8"=1'-0" building elevations .
5 1/8"=1/-0" building sections.
6 geothermal energy development

Final-Review Pinup: Wednesday, 8 December, 2PM