updated 26 november 1999

RESEARCH group 1
(assignments 1-6)

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Rita Castro   Rise Endo   Susanne Ikekpolor   Yuki Kubota   Andrew Magnes

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Looking at the surface below, from the small and only opening in the space in which I have been confined, for how long I don't know for I have now lost track of time, I feel overwhelmed with joy. I have finally come across something in my timeless journey. The richness in texture of the surface is growing as it comes closer to me. I see appearing before me large protrusions of land, each in a different shape and shade of red . This window doesn't allow me to see much more than the red sand that covers the ground. Does the wind blow? I can't here anything, not the wind, nor the splashing water of the see. I only here the sounds this machine generates, the constant hum I've heard for what I guess is now the majority of time of my sentence. Where are the trees? Where are the birds? I could practically touch it now and still don't see any type of living form. Could I breath out there? Is there air? I have landed among vertical planes of some sort of red cementishis material. I want to come out and explore but I can't. I am afraid that what is out there can kill me. It looks like its burning hot. Well now I don't have a choice, I will have to sit here and wait. The door will open when is due time. For now I can only observe the picture through the glass. RC   Now I am under the shadow of the mountain. I can just feel the sun which is hiding behind the mountain. Here, there is nothing but a silence that envelopes me...... I decided to walk out of this shadow to find out if there is something else in this area.

The ground seems very hard and dry, but I see tiny plants growing between the cracks of the soil.

My footsteps are blown away by the wind but now I can listen to the sound of the wind which makes me feel comfortable. After I walked for a while, I looked back and saw the continuous line of the mountain. The sun is now moving towards the smaller mountain which lies in front of me.

Sun hits the ground so hard that everything looks white. It is getting very hot so I walked toward this small mountain.

I am again under the shadow of the small mountain, where I can see the landscape where I traveled.
  April 2nd, 99 After we passed the mountains - I would like to call them the mountains of treasures, as we found minerals as phosphorus, solfor and magnesium at a high percentage of concentration- we reached the plain that is only limited by the horizons each direction mankind could view. This plain is covered by vulcans of several sizes, most still active. We tried to cross the plain to verify its dimensions and to see what's on the other side, but as our means of transportation are not completely adapted to the difference of gravity on this planet and the winds reach a speed of 100 miles an hour as there is no obstacle to them that could break them, we decided to stay for a while at the edge of the mountains to make some experiments on the minerals we found that are strange to us and then go back to the camp. We chose a site that is protected from the winds by vulcans that form an enclosure with the edge of the mountains. To talk about the new minerals we found on our travel, most of them are extremely explosive and emit toxic gases if their temperature gets higher than 90 degrees Fahrenheit. They should be highly useful for our industry. We could not experiment on the structure of the minerals by splitting them till no~v, as due to an accident �l�e tost important technical eHuipmerlt. We never encountered any form of life on this planet. We have examined the possibilities of mikroorganic life, but all of them were negative. The only form of water that exists in this surrounding is in the explosions of the vulcans when its little dose kept in the minerals is set free as steam. I wonder how creatures living in this nature of extremes would look like and if mankind would change its appearance during the course of generations by adapting itself to this environment of ferocity. I am not sure how long human beings can endure the stress given by the existing climate without getting mentally disordered. Psychologists will have to answer how long workers can stay here before they have to be sent to earth to recover and how we can control the state of psyche of each so that we can prevent raising panic before its outbreak. SI   Here we see a place where totally isolated from civilization. The first thing what we see is a volcano. It is the tallest and the most monumental object. We can see approximately 10 miles away from the top of the volcano, if the weather is perfectly clear. The up here is usually foggy in the early morning and in the evening. Now the last piece of the cloud has just gone and we see the ocean and the civilizations over the end of the ridges. We see that the ocean reflects the sunlight and changes the color time after time.

Come down from the top of the volcano, we see a big open space with a few small volcanoes just like hills. This flat area has shoals in the middle. Right next to the big volcano, we see a stream runs into this flat open area. But we don't know this big flat area is all swamp or not. Walking carefully on the flat area along to the raised ridges, we see two lakes surrounded by hills. They are not that deep, We measured them quickly, they are 25 ~ 30 feet at the deepest point. We assume somewhere in the bottom of these lakes are connected to the stream which we have just seen when we came down from the volcano. The water of the lakes must come from there. We haven't seen that much vegetation except skinny grasses on the land. But we are sure around of the two lakes have much more vegetation comparing to the rest of the land.

Turn around and try to get into the edge of the ridges. This is very complicated topography, which are composed sequences of upheavals and depressions. It is hardly get out of the ridges if once we got a lost.

At the night, this place is amazing. We can see the million of stars on the shoals or the biggest volcano. They have spectacular views of sky and the city, which is far away from here. Especially from the top of the volcano, the view of the city is just like little diamonds.
  I have been in places like this before, but not often. As I know my purpose is to record what I find, I believe this place requires a different mode of communication. Am I not seeing it all? How can I understand this place? How can I make sense of what I see? What tools and methods of analysis will help me understand? Upon arrival, I am overwhelmed by the contradictoriness of the place. It has some very particular boundaries yet the scale of its elements are quite ambiguous. I fear the edges of this place as I am not sure what lies in the abyss beyond them. At times I think I am moving up only to discover that I am wrong. The varying densities of mass are rich. What has caused these changes in densities? What are the forces upon these edges that have created such assymetrical and chaotic density variations? And how does one explain this isolated, peculiar instance of density variation that appears to respond to a center? The enclosed map is a diagram of my best hypothesis of the forces imposed upon these edges. AM