26 August 2002. Thanks to Tim McNiven.

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This morning Kinkos put the text into the body of an email with the headlines and title (US Government's Prior Knowledge of 9/11 Attacks Confirmed). If you could print this as it is.


Date: Tue, 27 [sic] Aug 2002 08:42:07 -0700
From: "Kinko's - Bellingham, Washington" <usa5121@kinkos.com>
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US Government's Prior Knowledge of 9/11 Attacks Confirmed

Polygraph Exam Results

John Weller, President
TELEPHONE: (604) 669 5945  
FACSCIMILE: (604) 682 6738

27 June 2002


Mr. Timothy S. McNiven,
114 Grand Avenue, No. 202,
98225 1465

Dear Sir:

You attended my office on 27 June 02 and were identified as Timothy Stuart McNiven, Date of Birth 1 Nov 53, Social Security Number 537-56-87[41]. The purpose of the visit was for you to take a polygraph examination in order to support the fact that you were a member of a group assembled as part of the C Battery, 2/81st Field Artillery US Army stationed on Strassburg Kaserine, Idar Oberstein, West Germany for the purpose of developing defensive strategies against attacks by hijacked aircraft. The discussions covered the possibility of aircraft being taken over by dissidents and used to attack important buildings in the United States of America.

You signed an agreement to undergo the polygraph examination. A copy of the agreement is attached.

After discussion it was agreed that the following were to be relevant questions.

1. Regarding the study that took place when you were a member of C Battery 2/81st FA in Idar Oberstein, West Germany in the 1970's. Do you intend to answer truthfully each question?

A. Yes

2. Did that study take place?

A. Yes.

3. Did you discuss aircraft hijacking?

A. Yes.

4. Did you discuss the possibility of hijacked aircraft destroying buildings?

A. Yes.

T.S. McNiven. 27 Jun 02 Page. 2.

Three charts were produced in respect to the above questions and other questions relevant to the technique. Your physiological responses recorded on the charts to Questions 1, 2, 3 and 4 were those expected from someone who was not attempting to deceive the examiner. I believe you were being truthful when you answered the questions as shown.

The polygraph charts are on file at my office and available for review by any competent authority.


Information Poygraph Exam Based On

Briefly 25 years ago I was stationed on Strassberg Keserne in Idar Oberstein, Rhienland Pfatz, W. Germany assigned to C Battery, 2/81st FA, US Army. Here I took part in a Military Group for the purpose of "defending against" a developed attack scenario of hijacking airliners and crashing them into buildings to get around our air defence system.

For this letter I have selected facts from the records for the purpose of confirming that the records exist, they are in no sequence or order but they will suffice for the purpose of identifing the existence of these 25 year old records. These facts are from group conversations following the creation of the concept of hijacking airliners.

When asked the question, what kind of plane would be best to hijack? My choice was Boeing because it had the one lock/one key fleet; information I acquired from living in Everett, WA and having brothers who worked there. Lt. Teague on another day asked what could be done about it (?) I suggested asking Boeing to change their lock system.

When asked what kind of weapons could be used (?) I said a plastic handled box knife to get it through a metal detector; then Sgt Middleton said that you could get weapons on a plane through the luggage area (he knew someone who worked on a ground crew at an airport) he was then questioned separate like others whose ideas the groups leaders wanted more information on.

When asked what type of political climate the country would be in when the attack happens(?) we came up with hamstringing ; that is when one political party sets up the incoming administration with a disaster to happen.

When asked who might do this (?) another member said a name which I made an agreement to allow him to say in public first; but I can say that it was not George Bush neither President Bush who was President on Nov. 9, 1989 or George Bush who is President now.

4. One of the people from the group had done calculations and had came up with a time frame for a 100 story building to collapse after being hit by an airliner, it was between 1 and 2 hours the exact minutes I can't remember. Later when he was questioned by Military higher ups about a building's engineers disputing his calculations; he said, that unlike him they had to say that to keep their job.

5. The Military's calculations were what the warnings to NYC were based on.

One person from the group said that the US Government should contact NYC and have it tell the firefighters and police officers to not try and go up 80 floors in a building to try and put out the fire because the building would collapse before they could get there.

The records also include a person from the group who considered himself a religious person being a Priest in his Religion; made an International plea begging the US Government to tell New York City to not send those people to their unnecessary death.

When asked what an International plea of begging was (?) he explained that religious people can not twist anyone's arm to do anything, all they can do is beg a government to intercede and prevent a calamity.


Personal Account and Invitation

Since September 2001 I have been trying to get the information on this 25+ year old US Military Study Group into the public's knowledge but have only met with censorship from the US media.

The security lapses that were used on 9/11 reads like a checklist from this Military Study: the Democratic and Republican Political Parties could have began implementing the security upgrades that were recogmended by their own Congressional Commissioned Study in response to the hijacking and bombings following the 1974 [1973] Eygptian Israeli War, 25 [nearly 30] years ago.

Mr. Weller is a US Army-trained and -certified Military Polygraph Examiner and the exam I was given is the same one used by the US Government.

And the one American who has the backbone to accept my 1 year challenge to set up a polygraph with the examiner of their choice is Mr. Ted Nugent. I am going to his Tacoma,WA concert Aug. 29th and confront him with this information and the challenge to set up for me to take in New York City another polygraph exam with representatives of the NYC Fire Department, Police Department and surviving family members of those who died on 9/11 so that they will know beyond a shadow of a doubt that this US Congressional Commissioned Military Study Group took place and that the security upgrades that the Democratic and Republican Political Parties say they developed after 9/11 were actually developed 25 years ago.


Kinko's of Bellingham, Washington.
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Email: usa5121@kinkos.com

Kinko's. Tap into the network.

If Mr. Ted Nugent does not accept my challenge to set up another exam in New York City I will gladly take an exam that is set up by anyone who is interested in bringing the Truth about this 25+ year old US Military Study Group to the American People.

I would like to have any interested people contact Cryptome so you can be the first ones to cover any acceptence to set up another polygraph exam, if this is ok with you, and you are willing to broker the setting up of the Exam.